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One-on-One Driver Training (Private Lessons)

One-on-One Driver Training & Behind-the-Wheel Course Package for Juveniles

Parents, are you nervous about teaching your teen how to drive? Or are you not available to teach them how to drive? We offer a package to teach your teen how to drive before they start the behind-the-wheel course.

Students MUST have:

  • A valid Virginia learner's permit
  • A Driver Education certification of completion (aka green card)

Students receive four hours (4 days) of one-on-one driver training (more hours can be requested).

We write a letter that states the student was taught how to drive at our school by a professional licensed driving instructor. This letter will substitute the 45-hour driving log in the student's DMV file. We can only do this if the student completes the behind-the-wheel course through our school as well.

Once a student has completed the 4 hours of one-on-one driver training, they can begin the
behind-the-wheel course.

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Is there really a difference in driving schools?

Yes, there is! As with any service you will find a great difference between driving schools. Quality of instructors, teaching methods and time efficiency are of prime importance. Excellent instructors make learning fun and derive different methods of delivering instructions and present many different learning opportunities.

TNDSI has been operating since 2014 and is known for its great reviews. We will prepare you for the fast and furious world of driving! Whether you are a high school student or an adult learning to drive, our one-on-one driver training classes are designed as a way to help you learn or improve on safe driving maneuvers. 

During these 1-hour in-vehicle training classes, the driving instructor goes through a DMV list (Form CSMA 19) of safe driving maneuvers to make sure the student is driving to DMV standards, is able to pass the DMV road skills test (if necessary), and is able to demonstrate safe driving skills.

Students must have a valid learner's permit or valid driver's license.

We offer:

  • A flexible schedule
  • Pick up and drop off (Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown & Poquoson)
  • Specified training upon request

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