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Does my teen need to know how to drive before enrolling in behind-the-wheel training?
Yes. Anyone wanting to enroll in the behind-the-wheel course must already know how to drive. Teens under the age of 18 must have a completed 45-hour driving log signed by a parent or legal guardian licensed driver. If desired, you can hire the driver training school to teach the applicant how to drive.

When can my teen drive without an adult licensed passenger?
Once the behind-the-wheel course has been successfully completed the teen will receive a 180-day temporary license (DTS B). Teens must hold their permit for 9 months and be at least 16 years and 3 months old before they can use this license to drive without an adult licensed passenger.​​​

When can I take DMV learner's permit exam?
At 15 years and 6 months old you are eligible to take DMV learner's permit exam.

What happens if I fail the learner's permit exam three times?
If a person fails the knowledge exam three times, they have the option of completing a 36 fifty minute classroom course or an 8-hour course for satisfying the three-times-failure requirement.

If I'm age 18 or older, do I have to hold a learner's permit?
​At any age, you will be required to hold a learner's permit to be eligible for a driver's license.


Where is Top Notch Driving Schools Inc. located?
We are located at 878 J Clyde Morris Boulevard in Newpot News. Our school is located in the Newport Square Shopping Center. We are next to Hong Kong Restaurant.

For maps, directions, or to send us a message, please see the 
CONTACT section in this site.

What forms of payment are accepted, and when am I billed?
We accept Cash, Money Order, Credit Card or Debit Card. A 2.7% fee is added for all card transactions. NO CHECKS.

Payment is due when the student driver contract is signed or on the date of the service.

What happens if I need to cancel my registration?
For ALL IN-VEHICLE DRIVER TRAINING COURSES a refund of any fees or tuition or any part of fees or tuition must be provided upon request unless the school is capable or willing to perform its part of the contract within a reasonable time period.

NO REFUNDS for the class for any reason. If desired, the fees can be transferred to a different class date.

For ALL OTHER COURSES check with the staff regarding refund policy.