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DMV Service

Individuals age 18 and older can request to use the school vehicle in taking a road test to obtain a driver's license from a DMV customer service center. The service includes pick up, the use of the school vehicle and drop off once completed.

Individuals must demonstrate safe driving skills before we will allow the use of the vehicle. If not a prior student then 1 lesson ($75) will be required or an instruction period of at least 30 minutes ($38) will be required before the scheduled test appointment.

The driving instructor will not sign a
CSMA 19 form without assessing your driving skills beforehand.

Must contact us at least 2 weeks in advance to schedule an appointment. In some cases we may have appointments available before the required 2 weeks notice. Call us at 757-926-5956 to see what's available.

The price for this service is $100.

​​​Whether you are a high school student or an adult, our indiviudual (one-on-one) driving lessons are designed as a way to help you learn or improve safe driving maneuvers.

Individuals age 15 1/2 and older complete 1-hour of in-vehicle instruction with a driving instructor. Lessons are available for students who are learning how to drive or for students who wish to improve on a set of skills. To get an idea of what lessons could consist of view the CSMA 19 form by clicking here.

Individuals age 18 and older can request a CSMA 19 form be completed if they are demonstrating safe driving skills and driving to DMV standards.

Individuals under age 18 will receive a driving log for the hours completed with us and an evaluation report at the end of training.

Senior Driver's Assessment

We can assist caregivers, physicians, families or individuals with reliable and cost effective driving assessments to assure safety for everyone. The assessment is quick and easy. We use the DMV's CSMA 19 form to assess driving skills. You should have your driving assessed whenever you or those around you have any doubts.

A student evaluation report is issued after the assessment is completed.

Individuals can request a letter from the driving instructor if needed to present to a physician or anyone else.

Senior Driver's Training

Many seniors need to refresh their knowledge of the rules of the road or prepare for retesting after any collisions, minor or major. We can help with this training which can get you back on the right track and help you with driver license testing. Please let us know how we can meet your defensive driving needs.

Driving Lessons

Price Per Hour and Packages

A driving lesson, senior driver's assessment or senior driver's training are all scheduled as 1-hour per day.

The price for 1 Lesson is $75
Packages are offered with a lower per lesson fee. For instance, the 2 lesson package is $140 which is $70 per lesson.

Packages must be bought up front to get the package pricing. You will not be able to purchase a 2 lesson package and then add 2 more lessons to qualify for the 4 lesson package price. You will be required to purchase another 2 lesson package.

$140 - 2 Lesson Package
$195 - 3 Lesson Package
$240 - 4 Lesson Package
$300 - 5 Lesson Package
$360 - 6 Lesson Package
$550 - 10 Lesson Package
$1,350 - 45 Lesson Package

Pick up and drop off is included for Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown & Poquoson. Any other cities will be charged an additonal fee of $10 per hour for pick up and drop off. Individuals may choose to meet the driving instructor at the office to get the regular prices listed above.

(757) 926-5956