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Driver Improvement Course

When you satisfactorily complete a driver improvement clinic, you'll learn defensive driving techniques that can help you avoid and prevent crashes. 

You may be awarded 5 safe driving points, once every 24 months, after you successfully complete a driver improvement clinic. The highest safe driving point balance you may accumulate on your driving record is 5 points. If a court requires you to complete a clinic, the court determines if you will be awarded safe driving points.

Driver Improvement Course is $70

Commercial Drivers

If you hold a commercial driver's license (CDL) or committed an offense while operating a commercial motor vehicle, and you are required to attend a driver improvement clinic, you must satisfactorily complete a commercial driver improvement clinic designed specifically for commercial drivers. 

We have a commercial driver improvement instructor on staff if you need this requirement.

​Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies may offer premium discounts to policyholders 55 and older who complete an accident prevention course for mature drivers. Check with your agent to see if your insurance company offers this benefit.

If you take a driver improvement clinic to reduce your insurance premium, you will not be eligible to receive safe driving points. If a court assigns you to complete a clinic, you will not be eligible to receive the insurance premium reduction.

This course can be used to satisfy a court requirement or DMV requirement, to receive an insurance premium discount, and to earn 5 safe driving points as a volunteer. 

Items to Bring

You need to bring photo identification, preferably a learner's permit, driver's license or state ID.

If you do not have your license, please bring another form of photo ID and please bring something that has your DMV customer number listed (e.g., DMV letter, driving record, court summons). We cannot record your completion of the course to DMV without your customer number.

If you would like, you can bring capped/lid-covered drinks and/or snacks to class. Additionally, there will be a 30-minute lunch break.

The Course & Exam

The course is eight video modules with an accompanying workbook. Class participation and discussion is encouraged. At the end of each module, there is a lesson assessment to make sure every student is grasping the concepts presented. Once the modules and lesson assessments are completed, a final exam with 50 multiple choice questions is given. To receive certification, a minimum of 80% is required on the exam. The course completion certificate is passed out at the end of the course.

If you fail the final exam, you may return to take the exam again at no additional charge. However, per Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles rules, you can only take the final exam once per calendar day.

Classroom Schedule